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Car Maintenance Specialists in Leicester

Explore comprehensive auto services at Millennium Autos, where car maintenance meets expert care. Our skilled team ensures your vehicle performs at its best with top-quality repairs and servicing.

Expert Vehicle Care

Convenient Location

Quality Parts

Why Choose Millennium Autos for Your Car Maintenance?

Whether you need air conditioning repairs, precise engine diagnostics, reliable car battery replacements, thorough MOT testing, or meticulous car restoration services, our skilled team of mechanics is equipped with the expertise and dedication to ensure your vehicle operates at its peak performance. We use top-quality parts and offer transparent pricing, from our convenient location in Leicester. Trust Millennium Autos for comprehensive, reliable, and efficient auto services that keep your vehicle in top condition.

Our Expertise

At Millennium Autos, our commitment extends beyond typical car maintenance. We utilise advanced techniques and specialised equipment to achieve exceptional results. From thorough engine diagnostics and precise air conditioning repairs to reliable car battery replacements and meticulous MOT testing, our experienced team ensures every aspect of your vehicle receives the utmost care and attention. Experience automotive excellence with Millennium Autos today.

Under the Car

Leave it to the pros!

Leave the care of your vehicle to the experts at Millennium Autos. Our experienced team is ready to handle all your car maintenance and repair needs promptly and professionally. Don't wait until small issues become big problems – call us now to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently!

My car broke down 52 miles away from Leicester, I rang Bhav to enquire if my car could be towed to his Garage for clutch repair.
It was on a Friday and he was fully booked the following week. I voiced I couldn't think of taking my car elsewhere and I was willing to wait until there was available slot. He agreed and my car was towed there.
After five days he rang me with good news that the job he had on that day was non-urgent and that he decided to utilise the time slot to fix my car so l could return to work and promised to collect it at the end of the day the following day.
Bhav, you are amazing, very professional, knowledgeable, humble and people person. I will recommend my family and friends to Millennium Autos.
Thank you, Thank you!

- Caroline M,

Ensure your car receives the best care possible. Contact us today to schedule your service and experience our maintenance and repair solutions

Ready to give your car the expert care it deserves? Contact Millennium Autos today to schedule your service or repair and experience the difference in quality and reliability. Let our professionals keep your vehicle in top condition!

Call us: 0116 255 3174 or 07903 251455
Car Mechanic
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